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Turnkey Saint-Lazare Townhouse

This beautiful new construction town house was finished off with an amazing unistone landscape to give it the luxurios touches it deserves. Equipped with a Uni-stone / pave-uni driveway, walkway and patio, along with sod, cedars, a composite deck and a beautiful ornamental faced fence.

Modern yet classic simplicity meets timeless functionality. This turnkey, front & backyard project in Saint-Lazare, Quebec was completed in May 2020. The project includes a beautiful unistone driveway, a unistone landing built out of retaining wall blocks, and a unistone walkway and patio to the back. A composite deck was also added to this home to create a multi-level outdoor living space overlooking a huge soybean field in Saint-Lazare Quebec.

The landscape was designed to be modern yet timeless with a huge focus on functionaltiy. The landscape design was kept simple. A two tone grey and black pave-uni driveway was installed. The uni-stone driveway leads right up to the unistone landing which was also built with black caps to create a beautiful accent as well as a recall to the driveway design. The landing step leads directly back to the pave-uni walkway. Which is a long path uni-stone path leading to the unistone in the back.

Off the uni stone patio in the backyard you'll find a beautiful grey composite deck which matches the grey tones found in the pavers. This massive composite deck also includes black finishing features such as black aluminum risers and railings to compliment the black accents in the uni-stone design.

To finsh off the landscape, features such as cedars, sod and a beautiful ornamental fence were added to the property.

Both the uni stone design and construction we're executed by our team of certified landscapers. For all unistone / uni-stone/ pave-uni, sod (grass), and landscaping needs in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area: Saint-Lazare , Hudson , Vaudreuil , Vaudreuil-Dorion , and the West-Island of Montreal.

Groupe POWERSTONE, leaders in quality landscape design and construction.

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