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Our Landscaping Services in the Vaudreuil, Saint-Lazare and West-Island

Landscaping We ensure a landscape project that fits your lifestyle and preferences all the while embellishing the look of your property. Our services include giving your outdoor grounds a unique look that blends the beauty and elegance of stonework with the tranquility of a personalised garden. Don’t hesitate to ask for our rock garden, planting and landscaping services. All our work takes into consideration the existing space, what you like, and the desired results.

Paving Stone Installation Have you ever imagined having the driveway of your dreams? We have the expert knowledge to realize your vision. Let the quality of our superior paving stones create the dignified personal look you wish for. Concrete paving stones combined with decorative natural stones can not only provide you with a unique stylish driveway but can also enhance your patio spaces, and refurbish the look of your pool or spa. Select among our remarkable assortment of colours, textures and styles to create your dream-look, however discrete or sumptuous.

Sod Installation Problems with your lawn? Neighbours are sure to turn heads when we lay down new sod by levelling your lawn and providing the best quality mix of fertilizers and topsoil. We also dispose of your old grass at no cost.

Steps and Retaining Walls Let us work with you in creating elegant cascading steps or enhance the look of your flowers by showcasing them within terraced garden walls or within a custom-built natural stone garden. With Groupe POWERSTONE Landscaping, we can even address problems of erosion and collapsing land by erecting a retaining wall which can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

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