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Major Backyard Turnkey Landscaping Project in Beaconsfield

There are different levels to landscaping. Some people get a patio, some people get a pool, some people get a fire pit area and some people get the whole turnkey landscaping project.

We are proud to be able to offer turnkey landscaping services at Groupe Powerstone. Our team of expert landscapers do it all!

This is a landscape project we did in Beaconsfield! Before we got there it was a clean slate, a completely empty backyard. These are some of the most fun landscape projects to take on because it's such a huge backyard transformation. Our team of landscapers always enjoy going from a clean slate to a fully landscaped and functional backyard.

This project features a three tier unistone water feature/waterfall, over 3000 square feet of unistone in the backyard, a custom concrete pool with spa, a propane fire pit area and we can't forget the beautiful glass fence.

Our team of landscapers worked very hard and payed great attention to detail to complete such a large landscape project like this one. We are very proud of our team and how motivated they are to create amazing backyard landscape transformations.

Here of some photos of the turnkey landscape job done for this beautiful Beaconsfield home by the team of professional landscapers at Groupe Powerstone.

This Concrete Pool was created for a client in Beaconsfield by our team of professional landscapers at Groupe Powerstone during this turnkey landscape project
Custom Concrete Pool with Spa Area and Water Features in Beaconsfield

Our team of Landscapers were digging before starting the installation of a custom concrete pool in Beaconsfield
Excavation before Construction of pool in Beaconsfield

Picture of what the backyard landscape looked like before the Groupe Powerstone landscapers started working
Before our team of expert landscapers started this turnkey dream backyard landscape renovation in beaconsfield

A view of this amazing backyard landscape transformation done in beaconsfield and highlights the custom waterfall done by professional landscapers at Groupe Powerstone
Three tier unistone waterfall feature with custom concrete pool in beaconsfield

Groupe Powerstone Landscapers working hard on this amazing turnkey landscape project for a beaconsfield client
A Picture of the Groupe Powerstone Landscapers in actions creating this amazing turnkey landscape project in beaconsfield

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